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Tuesday February 21st, 2017

Photos by Alfredo Selas

In Exquisiterioja, we got all excited when we thought of inviting a group of tour operators to experience a wine tour in Baltacrones, where selected wineries from Haro have their historical vineyards. And so we did on February  the 20th.

We always encourage professionals who work in the travel industry to discover by themselves how it feels to experience the same sensations our visitors do. That´s why we invited them to join along: with a view to evoke memories, share emotions, cherish dreams of a Nature still to be enjoyed. Their feelings and dreams make us dream too and there’s nothing more motivating and beautiful than turning people’s dreams and ours into a reality.

DSC03712Baltracones, near Haro

Our tour through the magic of the Atlantic Rioja was very special and meaningful.   We toured the whole area showing the reasons why it is so special to produce grapes full of flavour; also discovered  a rock excavated winery press from the medieval times and saw game  -that have come down from the mountains- running free to make us fell free and happy all the same. Definitively North West Rioja is not only a powerful territory of vines but also an inviting piece of land that make people who meet here become close friends.DSC03251Landscape from Obarenes Mountains

We wanted to share with them our favorite hidden secrets from the area, keeping a local and authentic perspective away from mass tourism. We wanted them to experience the countryside where brave tempranillo garnacha and graciano vines thrive; the traditional architecture and impressive castle of the beautiful village Sajazarra. They also had the opportunity to enjoy a display of local gastronomy and rioja alta wines provided in a pic-nic, right in the middle of the vineyards.DSC03719Enjoing a vinegrowers´pic-nic

When people come to this part of La Rioja from near or from far away and they have a limited amount of time to spend in the region, they of course want to make the most of it. We believe that using a local and passionate private tour company is the wisest option in this case; and we totally take care to cater for our visitor’s wishes.

Along the way through the beauty of the countryside, we were somehow surprised with how sensitive everybody was about what they were discovering. They all commented on the aspect of the vines -now in their dormant period-  the lines and the shapes of the rolling hills down below the Montes Obarenes we drove through; they asked about the local vine growers, about history and traditions; about the present and future… We were extremely excited because there’s nothing we enjoy more than sharing with guests our knowledge and passion for our homeland; and so we have very exciting gateaway proposals for those who want to come here to discover and enjoy!

We love connecting travelers and locals and the beautiful culture exchange that it triggers. This was a lovely example, with which everyone got to learn about the important traditional and modern  wine making crafts used to produce our incredible wines.DSC03306Evaristo, Rutaventura 4×4

We will always be thankful to this kind group of guests/hosts and of course to Rutaventura 4×4,  involved in making this custom tour possible. Also we want to thank:DSC03725The party

Angelines from,

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This is an example of the custom toures that  Exquisiterioja design for you and your party. Contact us if you have an idea or simply something in mind that you’d like to get out of an experience in La Rioja. We’re all ears and ideas!

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Castillo de Sajazarra winery, tasting wines



New oak barrels rest, full of cheerful wine