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Friday September 30th, 2016

All we need as humans is feeling truly alive. That is why we see, hear, smell, taste, touch; and feel emotions. So this is good news for the world of Wine Tourism, since everything related to taking this activity has close relationship with sensorial pleasures. Then, is there anything more relevant to our recreational enjoyment than a physical experience, right there where you meet your own sensations, when your heart is beating with unexpected emotions?

Let us discover the wine land region of La Rioja; and not only as a territory of vineyards but also as a gift to your senses throughout the seasons;  as lands of cultural heritage; as landscapes of many contrasting features that invite you to visit the colourful valleys and the high mountains Obarenes and Sierra Cantabria, whose feet lie gorgeous old vines.

The idea here is to give you a glimpse of the participant´s cheerful enjoyment after climbing to the highest peak located on top of the spectacular Ebro river deep gorge; also let yourself breathe the nearby environment where bunches of grapes thrive. By visiting the sacred area for wine lovers of “Rioja Alta”  -or riojan highlands- one soon discovers not only the beauty and magic of its skyline but also  the torrents of pleasures provided by wines full of fineness, freshness and flavor.

What you find when you visit with Exquisite rioja La Rioja Higlands, a territory of vines and wines, indeed the northern zone of the culture of the grapevine –emphasizing specially on the indigenous grape “tempranillo”-   you have the opportunity to learn why this varietal produces such wonderful wines and above all you happen to fall in love with adventurous journeys designed to engage you in a series of exclusive, memorable activities that personally engage your senses and make connections with what is emotional, physical, and social.

To truly engage and connect with you Exquisite rioja  develops deeper and more personal attractive sensorial experiences that take you far beyond the simply “cellar door visits”. What we do is to allow you to immerse yourself in the environment of the wine land you are visiting, inviting you to participate, feel, experience and be touched by what you really get and perceive through your senses; and always keeping in mind the real target to achieve is to get unexpected sensorial pleasure and enjoyment, to let your emotions flow and give yourself the chance to use your sensorial intelligence through culture, wine and gastronomy.dsc03433