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Wine lovers from all over the world come to Rioja to enjoy the beauties of life.  ¿Why?

It is probably the necessity to indulge themselves with the opportunity to enjoy some of the best wines in the world, to savour the magic of a land with the name of wine, to sample the regional culinary specialities.


If it is true that a drink of wine along with dinner is part of a healthy lifestyle, then there is nothing wiser than coming to Rioja and enjoy a WINE TOUR or a WINE TASTING sesson  served by Exquisite Rioja.

photo rod-rob-alf

Mature and younger folks agree to experience luxuriant countryside, sorrounded by vineyards full with sweet fresh grapes that in fall will give away beautiful wines. They gather to share frienship and moments of relaxation, to create unforgettable memories.  What a joy!


Photos by Alfredo Selas